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#1.1 – Welcome to ReWild My Bio with Shawn Slade | ReWildMyBio

Welcome to The ReWild My Bio Podcast. This is Part 1 of the first episode of the show where I your host, Shawn Slade introduce myself and some of the topics and subjects we will be discussing as well as some of the philosophical foundations and core themes of the show.

Topics Discussed:

Welcome to the show; Irony of podcasting to rewild; Why does this podcast exist?; philosophical foundations of the show; brief introduction of host biography and experience rewilding; core concepts of the show, critical social theory and health promotion, the bio-medical model of health care; placebo effect; this show has an anti-anarchy take on human rewilding; rewilding our biology, Biophilia hypothesis, rewilding our mind and soul; socially responsible business practices and social entrepreneurship; Wilderness based therapies such as earthing, sungazing, and forest bathing; Seasonal and ancestral diets, and fasting; Local food security, permaculture, hunting and foraging wild food, access to publicly owned natural spaces with clean water, air, and healthy wild life populations; primitive skills and tangible survival skills; Sedentary behaviour, physical activity, natural and functional movement; Functional, integrative, evolutionary, and alternative medicine; Bacteria, Mitochondria, and Microbiome health; Current topics in health promotion and public health, health science literacy, and education; Expanding human consciousness, Earth based spirituality, entheogens for spiritual health and healing; Community service, Connecting and enriching relationships with friends, family, and community; Logistics and complimentary resources.

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