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Ep. 25 Updates, Adventures & Issues: Podcast update, bears and bear spray, social justice protests w/ Shawn (Solo) | ReWildMyBio

On this episode I emerge from the wilderness and back “on the grid” after a couple of wild and wonderful weeks up on the LAND. I give a podcast update in regards to some logistics with delivery of the podcast and in short will be posting every two weeks instead of weekly. This is happening as a way to focus on my Forest Therapy research and working on the LAND. I also discuss some changes to the social media channels used for the dissemination of this show and discuss some new ways the Rewild My Bio community can interact as well as stay current with adventures from the LAND. Adventures that can only happen once the battery in your vehicle goes dead and you get the chance to fully immerse in nature. Being away for most of the protests currently taking place I take the opportunity to comment on the social justice and a video I watched that resonates with me. Enjoy the episode! Please leave a rating and review and download and share past episodes.

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Posting of episodes is every two weeks while Shawn focuses on PhD research, writing, and learning from the LAND. No more Rewild My Bio on Facebook, New Rewild My Bio channel on Telegram. Shawn shares stories from the LAND hosting family and friends, working on an outhouse, fishing, vehicle breakdowns, encounters with a black bear cub, and accidentally shooting himself in the testicles with bear spray. Finish with attention to a YouTube video from Hotep Jesus that resonated with Shawn regarding Black Lives Matter. Check out the show resources for links! Next weeks episode.

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Podcast: Rewild My Bio Ep. 14 What is Building Biology? W/ Stephen Collette
YouTube: Hotep’s Four Step Plan to End the Riots Forever
Podcast: Joe Rogan Experience: #1318

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