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Ep. 16 A Beginner’s Guide to Spring Foraging w/ Dr. Richard Vuksinic | ReWildMyBio

This week the wild and wonderful Dr. Rich and myself dive into the topic of foraging. We discuss three plants abundant in our neck of the woods and many others in early spring; dandelion, garlic mustard, and wood nettle. I am grateful for Richards knowledge on medicinal and edible wild plants and for sharing some tasty and medicinal uses in this episode. We begin with a note on ethics in wild crafting which is an important and ongoing consideration for anyone harvesting wild edibles and medicinals. If you are looking to get into foraging this episode will offer inspiration through stories as well as practical tips on harvesting and preparation of these three plants. Try Richards Garlic Mustard Pesto by combining 4 cups garlic mustard greens, 3 cups raw sun flower seeds, 3 tablespoons nutritional yeast, Olive oil (as much as you need to make it the consistency that you want), salt to taste, blend it all together in food processor. Enjoy the pesto and this episode!

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