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Ep. 30 Consciousness Becomes You: Telepathy, Flow States, and the Art and Science of Expanding Consciousness w/ Angie Aristone and Roderick Alan | ReWildMyBio

My wild and wonderful guests today are Angie Aristone and Roderick Alan authors of the book Consciousness Becomes You. This husband and wife duo from London Ontario join me in the studio to discuss the art and science of expanding our consciousness. We dive into how it is in our human nature to access flow states and we can do that by curiosity, play, focus, without striving or trying. We discuss the brain waves of being in a flow state, as well as Angie and Rod’s “Focus Based Flow” and why practicing achieving a flow state can be beneficial for one’s life. The topic of Burning Man comes up and how one can use that experience as an opportunity to live in a world of flow state where you can manifest just about anything. Best of all my guests share their wildest dreams and believe that we are now in the midst of transitioning to a more interconnected and intuitive human civilization. If you are looking at sharpening your innate ability to expand your consciousness beyond what you thought was possible then you don’t want to miss this episode. Check out all of Angie’s courses and coaching at her website at Enjoy the show.

Topics Discussed:
Discussing terminology in telepathy and intuition; Angie’s biography and work as a conscious living coach; Angie and Rod’s academic research into consciousness and altered states of consciousness at King’s College at Western University in London Ontario; Where does telepathic information come from? And does individual consciousness survive after death? The benefits of Flow States for mental health and wellbeing; Having our telepathic abilities suppressed in childhood and relearning our sixth sense; Beta brainwaves and the ego, Alpha/Theta brain waves and intuitive/flow states, Gamma brain waves and information downloads; Human performance and flow; Curiosity, play, focus, and not trying; Burning Man and experiencing flow states; Focus based flow and morphic resonance and the default state of consciousness; Angie’s mediumship work, flow coaching, 12 week intuitive development program; Angie and Rod’s wildest dream for the Earth.

Connect with Angie:
Angie’s Website:  
Instagram @angie_aristone 

Angie’s Website
Book – Consciousness Becomes You By Angie Aristone and Roderick Alan
Dr. Imants Baruss King’s College at Western University 
Book – Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts
Book – Morphic Resonance by Rupert Sheldrake
Book – Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein
Book – Discover Your Psychic Type by Sherrie Dillard 

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