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Ep. 18 Entrepreneurship and Men’s Mental Health w/ Mitchell Stern and Co-host Tyler Bryden | ReWildMyBio

My wild and wonderful guest today is Mitchell Stern, a mental health advocate, and co-founder of Station Beverage Traders also known as Canada’s Cold Brew Coffee company based out of Toronto Ontario. But Mitch is much more than just the cold brew coffee guy, he is a creative at heart and a model new age entrepreneur. He does this through sharing his personal mental health story and to be of service to his community in more ways than running an environmentally conscious and socially responsible business. We are joined by Tyler Bryden who was on Ep. 4 as Tyler is also a mental health advocate and entrepreneur. Recorded remotely just days into lockdown the discussion dives into the uncertainty that lies ahead for small local businesses and entrepreneurs. We share lessons we learned from starting small businesses and how we coped and worked at improving mental health in times of stress and uncertainty. Main take home is that we are still learning these lessons and they never stop. Enjoy the show!

Topics Discussed:
To work or not to work, The creation of Station Cold Brew, Station Cold Brew on Dragons Den on Netflix, creativity entrepreneurship today,  separating self from business success, creating boundaries, mental health repercussions of always being on, The importance of having mentorship and asking for help in stressful times, Mitch’s mental health journey, coming off of pharmaceutical medication, experiencing hi’s and low’s in business and in life, Tyler‘s mental health journey, adjusting and adapting to life with no economic momentum for small business owners, from growth to survival mode in the current economy, men’s health and entrepreneurship, on checking ego in entrepreneurship, A man’s desire to fix things and social entrepreneurship, how do you stay balanced between business and self? – tools and tips, exploring creativity outside of creating a business, Tyler likes to achieve flow state in all of his doings, finding balance with art, The cyclical nature of building resilience, Mitch’s dream for the Earth is unity amongst humans – connection, environmental consequences need to be considered of current pandemic. 

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Book: Love Languages by Gary Chapman
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