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Ep. 12 Jung is Never Old, Becoming Your Whole Self w/ Erick Godsey | ReWildMyBio

My wild and wonderful guest is Erick Godsey. Erick is a student of the psyche, dreams, myths, and Jungian Psychology. He is also writer, mindset coach and host of the podcast The Myths That Make Us. In today’s episode we discuss the process of individuation, synchronicities, and the hero’s journey. This episode recorded before the Covid-19 pandemic seems almost prophetic and a timely episode for us all if we want to seize this opportunity to become a more complete and whole individual. We discuss how you can hear and answer the call to step into your highest self. We discuss what the Ego is and did so in a beautifully poetic way that blends Jungian psychology, spirituality, and nature connection. If you are into personal development and living your best life than you do not want to miss this episode. Enjoy the show!

Topics Discussed:
Intro; Meeting Erick at Soltara Healing Center; Erick’s wild biography and life after sports with psychology and philosophy; Individuation and integrating the shadow, The hero’s journey and Jung’s acorn analogy; Evolutionary biology and psychology; What is the ego’s evolutionary function; Did we have an ego in hunter gatherer times?; Primal function of the ego and our microbiome; Distinguishing between the ego and the soul; The ego during a flow state; Erick’s first synchronistic experience; Shawn’s psychedelic synchronistic experience; the resurgence of Jung’s work and the psychedelic experience; Negativity bias and journaling; reclaiming our wild soul through dreamwork; Erick’s wildest dream for the Earth and how he taps into his wild soul.

Erick’s Podcast: The Myths That Make Us,  Book: Man and His Symbols By Carl J Jung, Soltara Healing Centre, Journal Club: Fucking Smile Foundation, Fit For Service MastermindOnnit 

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