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Ep. #3 Returning to the L.A.N.D. (Live As Nature Does) w/ Richard Vuksinic ND | ReWildMyBio
Today’s guest is the wild and wonderful Richard Vuksinic. Richard is a Doctor of Naturopathic medicine and in my eyes he is actually living the dream… his dream that is! It is a story that reminds us that all things in nature come full circle. He and his wife Kristina run the Village Naturopathic Clinic. He is a friend that I am truly inspired by, not only from his connection and care for stewarding the land but also because he is a wealth of knowledge in all things holistic and alternative health. If you are thinking about buying land to rewild it, offer healing and workshops, or even to build your off grid or low environmental footprint home than you are going to love this episode! We hear all about Richards childhood Tom Sawyer days and his start to natural medicine. This is a special episode because it is the first of many we hope to do together and the start of some exciting upcoming projects we are working on, with a sole purpose of healing and helping the Earth and all the beings that call her home. Stick around to the end to meet Uncle Milan and his love for herbs!

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Intro: Shawn discusses rewilding as a process and not an end point; How I met Richard; Richards childhood and early connection with the land; Worldly travels and journey into natural medicine; buying land and connecting with it; Observation, the first principle of permaculture;  Fire ceremony; Building materials; Options to consider if you are building a low environmental footprint or off grid home; Talking with ticks and poison ivey; What is Richards wildest dream for himself, family, community, and the Earth?; How Richard taps into his wild soul and some daily self care routines he does for his own good health and happiness; Uncle Milan comes to introduce himself.

Show Resources: Minotair Home Air Filtration Unit, SaunaRay Far Infared Sauna, Ritech Water Systems Reverse Osmosis System, The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra, The Book of Ceremony by Sandra Ingerman,  Building Biology Institute

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