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Ep. 36 Updates From the LAND, Finding Truth, Nature Connection and Your Health w/ Shawn | ReWildMyBio

What’s up you wild and wonderful people! Today’s episode is fully inspired by listener Q&A and feedback that I have received as of late. I enjoyed putting this one together and it is my hope that by doing more solo casts I can share what is exciting in my world of nature connection and rewilding. In today’s episode I do just that, focus on the good things in my life, and as Henry David Thoreau “all good things are wild and free”. Some of the good and exciting stuff happening in my life is up North on the LAND I am stewarding in the Canadian Shield. This year I am looking at building a cabin, outdoor bath, and sauna, as well as cutting trails, creating a bushcraft camp in the woods, and regenerating hardwoods that were forested by the previous owner of the property. Lots of opportunities to mind my own business and work with my hands! I discuss some of the rewilding practices I am focused on for the coming months and how I am getting my daily dose of nearby nature for positive mental health. I then get into the importance of preparation given the uncertain times we still find ourselves in. I discuss how my breathwork practice and saving seeds are two important areas to consider when preparing for what nature may throw at you. I answer listener and online questions (more so accusations or assumptions) about me seeming to have set up shop in the “anti-masker” camp, which sparks a whole conversation on finding and defining truth. I end this topic with some positive notes about deleting Twitter, keeping it sunny online, supporting local and small businesses, and how to best avoid polarization and walk in truth. I finish off this episode by going over a recommendation from some research I have been studying on how to get the most out of nature connection through regulating our emotions and being mindful in nature.


Book: Walden by Henry David Thoreau
Seed Retailer: William Dam Seeds
Website: JP Sears
Book: Breath by James Nestor
Buteyko Breathing Online Courses
Organization: Alpha Canada
Previous Episode: Ep. #3 Returning to the LAND w/ Dr. Richard Vuksinic
Previous Episode: Ep. #17 Rewire Your Bio w. Dr. Kristina Kastelanac
YouTube: Rocket Stove
Wildlife Conservation Organization: Forests Ontario – 50 Million Tree Program
Wildlife Conservation Organization: Ducks Unlimited
Research paper: Lumber et al., 2017 – Beyond Knowing Nature…

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