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Ep. #4 Podcasting to Uncage the Soul & Burning Man 2019 w/ Tyler Bryden | ReWildMyBio

Today’s guest is the wild and wonderful Tyler Bryden, a hard working young entrepreneur, marketer, and software developer who owns two businesses. His first business is SixFive Interactive a digital marketing firm based out of London and Toronto Ontario. Tyler is also the founder and CEO of SpeakAI Inc the company behind Speak, an app that allows you to transcribe audio and video conversations into text and identify key words, themes, people, tones, and so much more.  It is a software I am using to transcribe this podcast and my PhD research interviews. As you’ll find out I met Tyler at a start up sales incubator through the Propel Entrepreneurship Centre at Western University and have had the pleasure of getting to develop a friendship through our adventure to Burning Man in 2019. We have a common interest on many levels as Tyler is fellow community focused entrepreneur and explorer of consciousness. He is also an advocate for research on using psychedelics for positive mental health and is behind Forest City Psychedelics a meetup group for discussing current topics in psychedelics. Despite being so knowledgeable in the online world Tyler is conscious of staying well rooted in nature.

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Show Resources: Burning Man, Patreon, Book The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris, MAPS, Soltara Healing Centre, Propel Entrepreneurship Centre Class of 2016 – Western University, SPEAK by Speak AI Inc. SixFive Interactive – Online Marketing,

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