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Ep. #5 Tame the Mind, Rewild the Soul: Resilience w/ Emma O’Connor | ReWildMyBio

Today my guest is the wild and wonderful Emma O’Connor or Spiritual Ninja as she is affectionately known from her work in the London Ontario Community. Emma is the founder of Spiritual Ninja Love a program that might seem ahead of its time but in actuality it is so needed in the here and now. It is no wonder why her public speaking and programming are so in demand. I see Emma’s educational message for our youth as a return to having Elders who are not abandoned and are leaders who are committed to making sure younger generations have the tools to be resilient, body, mind, and soul. Some of the tools we talk about are the 10 day silent Vipassana meditation Emma practices and the Vision Quest Emma and I participated in together. It is an amazing episode where Emma shares her lived experience and how that taught her to navigate the tough stuff. She wants us all to know, that even though our pain may shape and test us, it does not have to define us. Her greatest passion is working with youth who are often overwhelmed by emotional, social, and other life pressures. Through her alter ego – Spiritual Ninja, she is on a mission to awaken the true power inside of youth through mentorship and mindful movement programs. If you feel called to support Emma and her work with local school boards please contact her or the show. Emma is offering a discount on her programming to listeners of the show. Please contact Emma direct through her website. Emma and I thank you very much. Enjoy the show!

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Topics Discussed:

Intro, awkward puberty stages of podcast, Hunza people, upcoming projects and episodes; My personal thanks and congrats to Emma; Emma’s journey of spiritual awakening; Emma’s cage fighting medicine; What is Vipassana? How to practice and reclaim our power;  Equanimity is the place of spaciousness and balance; Responding with love and compassion rather than reacting; Bell Let’s Talk Day should be everyday; Emma’s offering to the world; Self Awareness and resilience; Reconnecting with self is reconnecting with LOVE; We are our on healer; What resilience is to Emma; the softer side of resilience; Emma’s and Shawn’s Vision Quest and Emma’s mini death experience; Shawn speaking in tongues reminded Emma we are not alone; Tame the mind, uncage the soul; Nature nourishes; Would you rather plant medicine, or nature medicine? Cold water therapy and impermanence; Disconnection and Emma’s work with youth; You are your own healer, hero, and leader; Cuts to education impacting mental health resources for youth and post secondary students and sponsoring Spiritual Ninja Love; Leadership and reclaiming power through presence.


Organic Traditions – Dried Bitter Apricot Kernels, Ontario Vipassana Centre, Book – Why Zibra’s Don’t Get Ulcers – By Robert Sapolsky. Spiritual Ninja Love – Mindful Movement Program, Spiritual Ninja Love – 1:1 Youth Mentorship 

If you are interested in attending a Vision Quest please contact Shawn directly.

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