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Ep. 6 Music Is Medicine w/ Josh & Katie of Fresh Breath | ReWildMyBio

This week my guests are the wild and wonderful Josh and Katie Pascoe of Fresh Breath! I had a blast recording this episode with my life long friends. I am very proud of their decision to quit their day jobs to pursue their wildest dream as professional musicians. These two have been playing music together for as long as I can remember so I couldn’t be more happy for them and it was a pleasure to interview them at this stage of their life adventure together. Fresh Breath is a rock-n-roll/ folk, husband and wife duo whose music is focused on spreading love and connection in the modern day. Josh said it well when he quoted Bob Marley; “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” I was lucky enough to have them play a new song “Pull” from their upcoming album. It was a touching song Katie wrote to connect with her Father who passed away years ago. Powerful podcast full of peace, love, and Fresh Breath! In this episode we talk about their recent adventure to playing in Jamaica, their across Canada summer tour, we talk about finding music during times of heartbreak and loss, how the ancient beat of a drum has an amazing ability to drop us into the present moment, flow state and performing live music, and what music has taught them each about life. Please check out this episode and stop by to follow along and find upcoming tour dates. This episode is dedicated to their roady and four legged friend Shibby who passed away the day this is being released after 14 wild and crazy years! Keep rockin Shib!

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Topics Discussed:

The wild life as professional musicians; Playing in Jamaica; Ancient healing power of music and dance; How to get into playing an instrument; When did you fall in love with Music; How Josh and Katie got into playing music, writing songs as music therapy during challenging times and heartbreak; Performing live music and experiencing flow state; Life on the road and eating plant based; What inspires lyrics; Josh and Katie perform “Pull”; Shawn missing out on the moment because of technology; Music teaches us so much about life; Josh and Katie’s relationship with living and playing shows together all the time; Obligation vs. creative flow state and everything unfolding as it is meant to be; Individuation and finding your own soul song; Opportunity to meet positive creative people who are doing good things in the world; connecting and being mindful in nature on tour; Josh’s story from the road of the ground hog day show and the man with the tattooed face; check Fresh Breaths website for tour dates and to support their beautiful music.

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