Today’s guest is the wild and wonderful me… with sort of a bonus episode recorded the day after Valentines Day. Putting myself and my thoughts and beliefs out there in the most vulnerable way I have done yet on this show. This episode is about my take on what love means inspired from a recent plant medicine journey facilitated by Soltara Healing Centre. I recorded this as my contribution to the “Thank You Plant Medicine Day” initiative that was held on February 20th. 2020. Years of professional interest on the topic of Love and of course life experience and painful teachings have developed my capacity to Love and my understanding of Love. Now, my Love for self, others, and the Earth is something I am more mindful of as a gauge of how aligned with the flow of Unconditional Love (LOVE) I am throughout my day/life. I believe that after having a strong sense of the source of our Love we can know where to shine our Love flashlight in this life. From my deep nature connection work and my recent work with Ayahuasca I have a knowing that LOVE is the fabric of the Universe. I can also see we can all cultivate this LOVE in a way that will add purpose, peace, and presence to our life. I find if I want to cultivate this love I need to keep up with my daily spiritual practices and spend time connecting with the land. That said, learning from pain through the egoic realms of Love is one of the greatest teachers I have ever had, and I realize now that if we choose to acknowledge, sit with, learn and move our pain we can be more Loving of self and by doing so, we are more Loving towards each other and the natural world. Essentially our Love can heal ourselves and heal the world. Once we learn from the pain teacher and integrate that into our life we can more easily orientate ourselves to the omnipresence and flow of eternal LOVE and we free ourselves from suffering and over identifying with our pain. Enjoy the Show… Love you!

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Topics Discussed:

Shawn learning form hard lessons and years as a health coach; Shawn gives his experience of love in all things; Shawn’s story of his second Ayahuasca ceremony on The Thought Room Podcast; Shawn’s intention for his third ceremony, “Teach me about Love and Show me Unconditional Love (LOVE)”; Ayahuasca’s teaching for Shawn about LOVE, love is in all things, the web of LOVE, have to accept Love in order to give Love; What is the source of our Love?; LOVE doesn’t hurt unless Ego is involved; Hold space and have compassion to cultivate LOVE for self and others; Pain exists from Ego’s interaction with field of LOVE, LOVE is Eternal, Compassion is King, Pain is Teacher; Burn out and Shawn learning how to sustainable cultivate of LOVE; Rule of 50/50 in relationship and how connecting with nature can recharge the soul; Importance of knowing what we Love through our pain and doing shadow work; Love is increased and we have a greater capacity for Love by working through challenging times; Mother’s love for a child is deep; Spiritual permaculture; Realms of Love, Ego and LOVE realm, Love from the I, We, World/Community realms; Creation of Ego/Personality and controlling our flow of Love in the I, We, World/Community realms of Love; Western culture and inflated Ego and pain teaching us; Love, lust, capitalism and environmental degradation; World Love and rewilding; Manifesting LOVE in the world realm of Love;  Love and learn from where you are at; LOVE and personal boundaries; Tools for cultivating LOVE, Practicing Self-Love, Do what you Love without expectations on self or others; Identify with pain for too long and acting from fear is the path to the dark side; Gratitude journaling and adversity, tasting the bitter so we can know and the sweet and respect them both; Shawn’s wildest dream for the Earth.

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Soltara Healing Centre, The Thought Room Podcast – Episode 10 The Healing Power of Nature w/ Shawn Slade, Paul Chek YouTube Video – Love As First Principle, CHEK Institute: Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Certification, Book – How to Eat Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek, Canfit Pro Conference and Tradeshow

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