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Ep. 47 How to Predict the Weather w/ Shawn | ReWildMyBio

Today we discuss how to predict the weather so that you can stay out longer and be prepared for everything Gaia throws in your next wilderness adventure. We all know that meteorologists are notoriously wrong with their predictions. It just so happens the process of becoming your own weather person is a great way to learn and connect with your local landscape. In this episode, we discuss what barometric pressure is and how to read cloud cover and changing winds. I also share how a sit spot can assist in the process of remembering how to use intuition to predict changes in weather. I introduce the concept of the primal self and how to trust this part of ourselves to not only predict the weather but control our body’s temperature. I finish by debunking some old wives’ tales and sharing some that I think are worth remembering.

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Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School
Book: The Earth Has a Soul by Carl Jung
Book: The Dairy Farmers Guide to the Universe: Jung and Ecopsychology by Dennis Merritt *And use the code ‘rewildmybio’ at checkout to receive 10% off

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