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Ep. 46 Cotton Kills: The Benefits of Merino Wool w/ Shawn | ReWildMyBio

Today we discuss all things merino wool. What is it? And why you shouldn’t head into the back country or next afternoon hike without it. And perhaps most importantly why you should leave the cotton and synthetics for the gym, garden, or a night on the town when you are not planning to immerse yourself in the elements for long periods of time. I also share my experience wearing merino wool during my 96 hour vision quest in freezing temperatures and how I layered this amazing fabric to stay dry and warm. When it comes to connecting with nature through nature immersion, whether you are a bird watcher, a hunter, or new to experiencing the outdoors, having the right clothing can make a big difference in your ability to stay out and be one with the elements.

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Importance of being comfortable when connecting with nature; ancestral importance of clothing and modern-day clothing or fashion industry problems; EMF protection clothing from Get Lambs; Product giveaway from Bioptimizers; my experience during a vision quest wearing merino wool and hunting in merino wool; the life of a merino sheep and sustainability of merino wool; Benefits of merino wool – No smell and anti-bacterial, Moisture-wicking properties, Breathability, Insulating, UV protective, No sound, Soft and wrinkle-resistant; Product review of merino wool clothing I swear by.


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