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Ep. 45 My Ottawa Experience Through an Ecopsychology Lens W/ Shawn | ReWildMyBio

Hello and thanks for joining. It’s been a while since I have posted an episode. The reason for this episode is to share my observations from attending a scientific debate and soaking in the vibe of the peaceful protests in Ottawa Canada this past weekend. I am breaking a personal vow of silence to post this episode as I feel now is time for all Canadians to break their silence if they also oppose the mandates, vaccine passports, and divisive politics. I also discuss the need for ecopsychology as a theoretical framework to address the individual and cultural healing Canadians and Canada are in need of. I step into the role of cultural ethnographer and provide context for the Instagram lives I posted as well as share my observatory notes from the weekend. I cover the size of the protest, my interactions with locals, what I did, how the protestors were blocked in, and what the police presence was like. I share stories from the scientific debate turned scientific conference as Dr. Theresa Tam did not show up. Dr. Paul Alexander (Ph.D. – Clinical Epidemiology), Dr. Roger Hodkinson (MD), and Dr. Byram Bridle (Ph.D. – Viral Immunologist) took to the microphone while alternative press captured the two-hour presentation with questions and answer period afterward. The episode finishes with a shift to the question as to what is next as democracy and body sovereignty in Canada hang in the balance. Please share this episode far and wide.

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Book: The Voice of the Earth: An Exploration of Ecopsychology by Theodore Roszak
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Website: Dr. Paul Alexander PhD
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