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Ep. 42 Natural Burials: Rewilding in the Afterlife w/ Susan Greer and (co-host) Dr. Richard Vuksinic ND | ReWildMyBio

Our wild and wonderful guest is Susan Greer. Susan is the executive director of the Natural Burial Association of Ontario. She’s is passionate about launching natural burial grounds all over Ontario. the Natural Burial Association builds awareness of natural burial options, supports local advocacy groups, and gently lets people know that cremation isn’t as eco-friendly as they might think. So if you’re mortal, this episode might interest you. In this episode, we discuss the environmental destruction caused by conventional practices, how a natural burial is for anyone and honours any faith-based traditions, how nature contact with these designated natural burial sites can assist in the grieving process, cost-saving compared to conventional options, and how a natural burial will help you regenerate soil long after your soul passes on to the next part of your journey.  We also discuss some red tape that the Ontario government recently put into law surrounding burial grounds and what you can do to help this amazingly successful and emerging grassroots movement in your neck of the woods. Enjoy the show and stay wild!


CONNECT W/ Susan Greer and the Natural Burial Association
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