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Ep. 21 This is Not a Conspiracy Theory w/ Shawn (solo) | ReWildMyBio

My guest today is the wild and wonderful Shawn Solo… long lost brother to Han. I couldn’t resist the cheesy pun. This episode is a solo episode where I draw the line between conspiracy theory and critical social theory and how the two can be mistaken for one another. Critical theory seeks to disrupt and challenge the status quo and create change through emancipation and acknowledging a reality mediated by power relations that are socially and historically constituted. How is this relevant to the current pandemic? Biomedical dominance within healthcare, corporate news media misinformation, and world government and elitist agenda’s have together suppressed the rights and freedoms of many in face of a viral pandemic. Or so I see it. Do they have a right to lock us in our homes when the outcome could be more harmful than the viral sickness we isolated from? I like to live my life in an informed way so that I enjoy a lifestyle that makes me happy. This has lead to me valuing control over my body and natural medicine, being honest when I speak and desiring others to do the same, and democracy where elected officials are not bought and paid for by billionaires and multi-national corporations… So yeah, I have 99 problems and the handling of this lockdown is one. Buckle up and join me as I get this lockdown life off my chest. Enjoy the show!

Topics Discussed:
Intro; I’m not a conspiracy theorist; negative mental health as downside of physical distancing; I Am Not Afraid Of; Nature deficit disorder and horizontal gene transfer; the economic impact on small business and health; stopping the economy for vulnerable people and repercussions for vulnerable people; critical theory vs. conspiracy theory; Censorship and Modern day book burning; The theory of 2020; system’s biology, Natural and functional medicine as opposed to the status quo biomedical model; Non-native EMF’s; Importance of Health Science literacy; Fear, nature connection, and community cohesion;

Website: The London Real TV
Rose/Icke 3 on The London Real
Paper: Isolation negative health
Book: Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Child Illness By Dr. Tom Cowan
Book: EMF’d by Dr. Joseph Mercola
Movie: V For Vendetta

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