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Ep. 28 Organic Food Fermentation: From Stinky Starters to Fine Wine w/ Shawn (solo) | ReWildMyBio

We are discussing the wild and wonderful world of fermented food today on the Rewild My Bio podcast. A big part of my journey into rewilding stems from my passion for fermented foods. My passion for making sauerkraut and kombucha turned into a profession in 2015 when I co-founded Booch Organic Kombucha an Ontario craft kombucha brewery in London Ontario Canada. When I started my PhD it was to research the health benefits of fermented food, however my passion fermented into nature connection and the role bacteria play for not only human health but the health of the Earth. Join me in this episode as I go through parts of a lecture I delivered at the Guelph Organic Conference and Trade Show.