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Ep. 37 Rewild Ontario: Advocating for Nature in Canada, China, and Beyond w/ James Alofs | ReWildMyBio

My wild and wonderful guest on this episode of Rewild My Bio is James Alofs. James is a Mandarin Chinese and English bilingual actor that has recently relocated back from China to Ontario. He has over 300 thousand followers on Chinese social media, acted in 6 feature films and 11 television series in China, and co-hosted a nationally broadcast talk show in China. He currently lives between Muskoka and Toronto and is producing and writing a historical drama that he will be pitching to networks this year in the US. He is very well researched on a number of important environmental issues right here in Ontario and he fills us in on his experience and knowledge on environmental issues in China. In fact, James’ youtube and Instagram videos on various topics in conservation have become very popular from China to Canada and we discuss several current environmental issues that he has been sharing and is all linked in the show notes. In this episode, we hear about James’ acting career, the current TV series he is creating, his return to the wilderness of Ontario after returning home from China, and finish with a plethora of resources for individuals who want to become involved in protecting our natural resources and regenerating air, water, and soil.


James’ story going from an MBA and corporate gig to becoming a film and television actor in China. James nature connection and contact opportunities while living in China. Poor air quality in China and overpopulation leading to environmental degradation. New national park system in China and Siberian Tigers. Rewilding in China and cultural differences in access and usage of deep wilderness. James’ current TV series Thor’s Angels and the rewilding thread throughout. James’ story from Veganism and unlearning from watching Cowspiracy. Hunting as a means of nature connection and not supporting conventional farming. James’ positive early childhood nature experiences fishing and how that developed into him protecting nature and creating advocacy videos. James shares many websites and how he stays current on environmental issues and politics. We discuss how the Ontario government is using Minister Zoning Orders to bypass environmental assessments. The importance of protecting the Green Belt in Ontario for the health of the Great Lakes and production of food. Stop Highway 413 petition from Environmental Defence. Species at risk laws are under attack due to loosening restrictions on the logging industry. Responsible and ecological forestry. Camping with Apex predators and the thrill and awe that comes from it. How to find James online. James’ wildest dream for the Earth.


Siberian Tigers in Chinese National Parks
Amur leopard spotted in NE China reserve
Book: The Sixth Mass Extinction an Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert
Book: The Nature Principle Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age by Richard Louv
Book: The Eternal Frontier by Tim Flannery
Environmental Defense of Ontario
Environmental Defence – Stop HWY 413
Sign Petition to stop HWY 413
Advocate for Nature –
The Nature Conservancy
Yours To Protect 

Instagram: @jamesalofs
Tik Tok: @james.alofs
Twitter: @jamesalofs

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