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Ep. 26 Rewilding the Microbiome: Linking Soil and Gut Biodiversity with Health w/ Dr. Kim Bretz ND and Co-Host Dr. Richard Vuksinic ND | ReWildMyBio

My guest today is the wild and wonderful Dr. Kim Bretz along with co-host Dr. Richard Vuksinic. Kim is a naturopathic doctor working and living in the Waterloo Region of Ontario Canada. She is a consultant and adjunct faculty at the University of Waterloo, Pharmacy.  She is a passionate international public speaker, having presented to multiple corporations and agencies, and is a guest lecturer for Canadian universities in the areas of health promotion, function foods and natural health care products. She also runs continuing education for healthcare professionals in the area of the microbiota, strain specific probiotics and gastrointestinal health. In this episode we cover research in the rapidly evolving field of the microbiome. We offer practical earth based tips to help you reconnect with the diverse world of microbes living on us, in us, and around us for optimal health and vitality. We discuss the opportunity within medicine for an interdisciplinary approach to health care in the post Covid world with microbial diversity and nature connection as an important piece to health and vitality for humans and the Earth. Enjoy the show!

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Topics Discussed:
Getting your hands in soil for microbial diversity. Kim’s journey into studying the microbiome and probiotics. our evolution with microbes, viruses, fungi, and yeast. Nature deficit disorder and our microbiome. hormesis. Bacteria an d autoimmunity. The relationship between soil and the gut microbiome. The old friends hypothesis and International travel. The paradigm shift that is to come from scientific research on human and soil bacteria interactions. redoing the studies in the monkey wrench that micro biome research throws into current discourse. Basic principles we can do to impact healthy gut microbiome. Getting outdoors, use less chemicals in deliberate ways, avoiding using chemicals that are gonna kill more of our bacteria and using soap. Eating for our micro biome. The importance of fibre for butyrate and comparing western diet with tribal diets. looking past diet dogma. Beyond calories in – food as energy and information. hypothesizing on what microbe depleted chemically sprayed soil has on our microbiota. How this knowledge could change human understanding of Nature connectedness. discussion on changing dietary preferences for feeding the microbiome. Cravings from the micrombiome. experimenting with fermented foods and negative outcomes early on. what is happening with fermented food, digestion, and health. Multidisciplinary approach to healthcare microbiome. rental chickens. Kim’s dream for the earth. The End.

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