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Ep. 24 Rewilding Women’s Health w. Dr. Lindsay Martens ND and Hallie Rose | ReWildMyBio

I would like to introduce two wild and wonderful women for episode twenty-four, Lindsay Martens, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, and Hallie Rose, Founder of Lunar Wild and host of The Thought Room Podcast. In this episode we discuss women’s menstrual cycles, and fertility through the western biomedical model approach and offer an alternative health perspective with attention on ancient wisdom, self-care practices, naturopathic medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine to name a few. We pay close attention to cultural norms and values in the west and how a more holistic and nature connected mindset can help women reclaim control over their bodies and understand their unique rhythm, so they can ultimately become more whole and show up in their life with more vitality and joy. I want to thank my guests for sharing their personal health journey and for their service helping women better navigate and understand this ancient biological and spiritual right of passage.

Topics Discussed:
The taboo nature of women’s Health and more so men discussing it, Hallie’s journal entry that started Lunar Wild, Lindsay‘s biography into naturopathic medicine and focus on women’s health and fertility,  Understanding your unique personal menstrual cycle, Discussion on infertility, Hallie’s story and journey through the medical system, Some of the contraindications of the birth control pill, The hormone system explained, Who’s job is it to educate children on sex, puberty, and procreation? Embracing the rhythms of the menstrual cycle as a whole, How to track your cycle and seeking help if irregular, What if you’re living a “healthy lifestyle” and still not regular? Working on mental, emotional and spiritual health, Miscarriages, Seed cycling, Feminine personal hygiene products, Cramps and TCM/ movement of Chi, Being a woman in 2020, How my guests tap into their wild soul for good health, Hallie and Lindsey’s wildest dream for the Earth.

Article: Wisdom of the Menstrual Cycle by Dr. Christiane Northrup MD
Book: Pottenger’s Cats: A Study in Nutrition by Francis Pottenger
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