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Ep. 17 Rewire Your Bio w/ Dr. Kristina Kastelanac ND and Dr. Richard Vuksinic ND | ReWildMyBio

My guest today is the wild and wonderful Kristina Kastelanac ND. Dr. Kristina is a knowledgeable and gifted healer and medical intuitive and creator of Body Wise Insights an online program and community aimed at supporting mind-body connection through Somatic Experience (SE). Kristina goal is to help you unwind triggers so you can suffer less and transform your physical, mental, and emotional symptoms, and move the needle on your big projects and wildest dreams. Specifically we discuss polyvagal theory, our reptilian and mammalian brains, the evolutionary biology and the nervous system, and tie that all into the present day coronavirus climate and what we can do to rewire our nervous system so we are not in chronic state of fight, flight, or freeze. This is a great episode if you are wanting to learn how to find and stand in your power through rewiring and rewilding your biology. Enjoy the show!

Topics Discussed:

Kristina’s journey into Naturopathic medicine; the current collective state of fight, flight, and freeze; Kristina’s journey into somatic experience and polyvagal theory; Building resilience through taking ownership of patterns and habits; Polyvagal theory and the fallacy of brain body dualism; What is Polyvagal Theory? The evolutionary biology of our vagus nerve, reptilian brain, and nervous system; The potential drawback of herd mentality during COVID19 pandemic; Fear is natural… now how to curiously be with it; Shawn and Richard’s experience as an example of polyvagal theory and knowing and acknowledging individual truth; Observing and tracking sensation and emotions is key to taking control of our life; Sit spot meditation in nature as a tool for knowing what connection and harmony feels like; Building internal awareness in order to unwind fight, flight, freeze, patterns in our body; Individuation and interconnectivity; Building community and connection is a loaded term; Kristina’s shares Body Wise Insights and other exercise we can use to check in with ourselves; How Kristina taps into her wild soul and her wildest dream for the Earth.

Show Resources:
Body Wise Insights –
Somatic Experience – Website
Steven Levine – Website
Steven Porges – Book – The Pocket Guide to the Polyvagal Theory
Book – Coyotes Guide to Connecting with Nature 
Insight Timer Meditation App

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