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Ep. 9 Fire Medicine and Sauna w/ Richard Vuksinic ND | ReWildMyBio

Today my wild and wonderful co-host Dr. Richard Vuksinic and I discuss all things sauna. From sauna history, to how to get the most out of your sauna session, we have you covered in this complete guide to using a sauna. We go over some fascinating research that shows how 3-5 sauna sessions a week could help protect your cardiovascular system and much more. This is a great follow up to Episode 8 where we discuss mitochondria health and it is the second instalment in a series of episodes Richard and I will be doing on how we can reconnect with practices we evolved with to build resilience individually and collectively. Thanks for listening!

Topics Discussed:
Intro; Mindful fire starting and longevity; Lakota tradition and the gift of the sweat lodge; transcultural history of sweating; Shawn’s experience in sweat lodge; What are health benefits of sauna?; What is detoxing? Can we detox?; Research shows cardiovascular benefits of regular sauna; Sauna for athletes, immunity, skin health, de-stressing and creating cellular resilience; Contraindications; Difference between low heat and high heat; how to use contrast bathing to up the benefits of sauna; Sauna frequency, intensity, and duration; EMF exposure and sauna’s and building your own; how to rewild your sugary electrolyte beverage with a post sauna maple water elixir.

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Book: A Man Among the Helpers by Salvatore Gencarelle, Eight Shields Institute, Study: Association Sauna Bathing and Fatal Cardiovascular and All-Cause-Mortality Events, Study: Heat Exposure Elevates Plasma Immunoreactive Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone Levels in Men, Study: Endocrine Effects of Repeated Sauna Bathing,

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