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Ep. 22 Sound Healing and Finding Harmony in Nature w/ Synapps aka Snappy Homefry | ReWildMyBio

My wild and wonderful guest is Snappy Homefry. Playing in bands, performing coast to coast as Synapps, and producing music at Play House Studio in Toronto Ontario is what Snappy does. When he dreams of the Earth he see’s humans living in harmony with Mother Earth. The accumulation of his experience as a multi-instrumentalist, performer and producer/engineer has giving birth to Synapps, a Globally influenced, Psychedelic Bass Music producer/DJ guided by the Sacred elements of Nature and Cosmic Harmony. Aligned with Ecstatic Dance and transformative festival culture, Synapps has shared stages with Desert Dwellers, The Human Experience, Andreilien, Adham Shaikh, Kaminanda, SOOHAN and continues to grow with Bass music communities with sets at Lucidity Festival, Beloved and LiB, Future Forest and Harvest Festival. Join us in this episode as we talk about ecstatic dance, sound healing, and stories from his recent 40 day and 40 night writing retreat in deep connection with the natural world. Enjoy the episode!

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Topics Discussed:
Intro, Shawn’s exciting announcement; Snappy’s love for music; Music as a somatic cue for emotional intelligence; Vibration and music is what we are; Synapps Album: Outter reaches of inner space; Writing retreat at the Living Centre; Musical inspiration from nature; Sound healing and Finding your voice; Biofield Tuning with tuning forks; Binaural beats; Harmony of a forest; Ecstatic Dance; Music and dance being medicine during pandemic; Finding the soul song; what’s one thing we can learn from the pandemic; Morning practice to create harmony; Snappy’s wildest dream of the Earth.

Album: Outer Reaches of Inner Space on Band Camp
Educational Institute: The Living Centre in London, Ontario
Website: Biofield Tuning
Book: Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy
Toronto Ecstatic Dance Website

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Band Camp:
Instagram: @synappsmusic
Facebook: /synappsmusic

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Instagram: @rewildmybio
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