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Ep. 40 w/ Jeff Chilton & Co-host Dr. Richard Vuksinic ND – Shroom Boom: Complete Guide to Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation | ReWildMyBio

My guest today is the wild and wonderful Jeff Chilton. Jeff is president of Nammex a company founded in 1989 and supplies medicinal mushroom extracts to the health and wellness industry. His son Ski Chilton started Real Mushrooms which sells 100% mushroom extracts direct to consumers. In this episode, we learn from an ethnomycology pioneer who has a deep passion for the wild places mushrooms grow as well as cultivating high-quality mushroom products with integrity in the face of the shroom boom. We also go over the challenges in operating small-scale commercial mushroom cultivation businesses and how growing our own mushrooms, foraging for mushrooms, and wildcrafting our own medicine is a healthy addition to consuming mushrooms from purely commercial cultivation. Check out full show notes for links to resources that will help you test the mushroom products you currently use. Like all things in nature, a paradox exists and this episode balances the ethical concerns around the market demand for nutritional testing standards and best practices within production, with the importance of deepening our relationship with mushrooms through nature connection and putting down the distractions of modern technology and social media.

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Redefining Medicinal Mushrooms
Mushroom Starch Test Kit
Myceliated Grain Explained in YouTube video from Jeff
Full Spectrum: Truth or Marketing Hype?
Study: Efficacy of Lion’s Mane
Book: The Mushroom Cultivator: A Practical Guide to Growing Mushrooms at Home
Study: Effects of combining Shiitake, Maitake, and Reishi
Study: Bioactive Ingredients in Tiger’s Milk Mushroom

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