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Ep. 34 Best of 2020: What is Your Wildest Dream for the Earth? | ReWildMyBio

For the last show of 2020 I have compiled some of my guest’s answers to the question I ask at the end of each episode, “What is your wildest dream for the Earth?” A bit of a heavy question to drop on someone at the end of a conversation but this show embraces topics that carry some weight. I am grateful for my guest’s inspiring and hopeful answers. Big ideas lead to big change and after a year of doing this podcast, it is clear that we need some change if we want to live in harmony with ourselves, others, and Mother Earth once again. Some of the core themes explored in this episode are personal development, self-actualization, opportunity, unity, harmony, stewardship, environmentalism, and nature connection. I could not think of a more beautiful way to wrap up the first year of the podcast than to share this episode and my wildest dream for the Earth with you all at the end. Thanks to all who have subscribed or downloaded an episode over the past year and to those of you that continue to share content from with friends. Thanks to my many guests for sharing their knowledge and passion and donating their time. Thanks to my co-hosts this year Richard and Tyler who also share their wildest dream for the Earth. I am looking forward to adding more content and episodes in 2021. If you want to stay in the loop please sign up for the newsletter by visiting the website. Thanks again and happy solstice and happy holidays!

Ep. 10 w/ Gillian Mandich PhD – Speaker, author and happiness researcher
Ep. 12 w/ Erick Godsey – Podcaster, Coach at Fit for Service, and Student of evolutionary and Jungian psychology
Ep. 13 w/ Dr. Kresimir Jug – Podcaster and Doctor of Chiropractic at Gainsborough Family Chiropractic in London ON
Ep. 15 w/ Micah Mortali – Author of the book: Rewilding and Awakening in Nature and Director at Kripalu’s School of Yoga
Ep. 17 w/ Dr. Kristina Kastelanac ND – Creator of Body Wise Insights and Naturopathic Doctor at Village Naturopaths in London ON
Ep. 17 w/ Mitchell Stern – Co-founder of Station Cold Brew Coffee and men’s mental health advocate
Ep. 20 w/ Kyle Buller – Co-founder of Psychedelics Today
Ep. 22 w/ Snappy Homefry – Musician and producer at Play House Studio
Ep. 23 w/ Brennan Vogel PhD – Climate change adaptation researcher
Ep. 24 w/ Dr. Lindsay Martins ND in London ON, and Hallie Rose Founder of Lunar Wild and podcaster
Ep. 26 w/ Dr. Kim Bretz ND in Waterloo ON
Ep. 29 w/ Steve Beattie of Breathing in Nature, creator of the Stoic Breath
Ep. 30 w/ Angie Aristone and Roderick Alan – Flow Coach and Authors of Consciousness Becomes You
Ep. 31 w/ Malcolm Saunders of The Light Cellar in Calgary Alberta and author of Elixir Life
Ep. 32 w/ Drake Larsen of Three Ridges Ecological Farm in Aylmer Ontario
Ep. 33 w/ Zachary McCready of Humble Warrior Clothing Company

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