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About Us | ReWildMyBio

About the Podcast and Host

Rewild My Bio is a self-help and alternative health podcast hosted by Shawn Slade. Shawn interviews an eclectic lineup of wild and wonderful guests who share various stories and experiences around reconnecting with the cycles of nature and the living Earth. Topics vary based on guests, including authors and bloggers, healers and biohackers, spiritual teachers and scientists, entrepreneurs and artists, wilderness guides, hunters, and wild foodies. Shawn will occasionally record solo episodes where he shares his rewilding biography and his current nature connection, ecopsychology and forest therapy research. All conversations have a common thread and highlight the individual or collective utility of rewilding either the body, mind, or soul. Most importantly, these conversations all share the positive and helpful narrative that vibrant health, happiness, and harmony for all living beings start from a healthy relationship with self and between humanity and Mother Earth.

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Host Biography

Shawn’s work for the last 15 years has explored the philosophy and practice of lifestyle medicine. 

“The idea of human rewilding offers a refreshing framework through which we can see alternative solutions to some of the biggest problems we face in modern societies; such as individual and public health epidemics, industrial pollution, resource allocation, and the degeneration of natural ecosystems in the face of urbanization, technological advancements, and the extinction of experience.”

After completing degrees in Business and Economics, and Political Science, Shawn operated a strength and holistic lifestyle coaching before closing his practice to return to university for a Ph.D in Health Promotion at Western University in London Ontario. During this time Shawn co-founded Booch Inc., one of Canada’s largest craft kombucha brewer’s also out of London, Ontario.

As a lifestyle entrepreneur with a passion for holistic health and nature based therapies, Shawn has studied from some of the greatest schools of thought in fitness and nutrition. Shawn has also received international recognition as a leader in the fitness industry and has lectured across North America at academic conferences and social entrepreneur panels. Shawn has facilitated many workshops and certificate programs in nutrition and has since won awards as a young entrepreneur (1,23) and student researcher.

Shawn is now focused on creating and delivering content through his podcast, publications, and public speaking engagements while finishing his dissertation on nature connection and forest therapy. Shawn’s areas of academic interest are in sedentary behaviour and physical activity; fermented food and digestive health; ecopsychology and wilderness based therapies; psychedelics, nature connection, and mental health; spirituality and mental health; and philosophical foundations of qualitative inquiry.


This show grows wild so topics and subjects discussed are varied. Check back often to download or please subscribe to the show if any of these topics interest you.

  • Wilderness Based Therapies and Nature Immersion Activities.
  • Current Topics in Health Promotion/ Education.
  • Wild Food, Food Security, and Traditional Diets.
  • Environmentalism and Ecosystem Regeneration
  • Mindful Rewilding, Ancestral Wisdom, and Expanding Human Consciousness Beyond the Illusion of Separation.
  • Entrepreneurship, Economics, and Geopolitics.