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Ep. 29 Breathing In Nature and the Stoic Breath w/ Steve Beattie | ReWildMyBio

My guest today is the wild and wonderful Steve Beattie, spirit guide and founder of Breathing In Nature and the Stoic Breath. Steve teaches us all about his extensive breath work training and online programming. In fact he was so kind to offer listeners a 25% discount of all products and services at See below for coupon code.

Steve guides humans on their journey within. To explore the deepest and darkest corners of their psyche and to become whole again. So I had to have him on the show to explain how we can move stuck emotion and thus root of many illnesses through our breath. We go into the history of ancient breath work practices as well as modern practices like the Wim Hof Method. Steve is also a Fascial Stretch Therapist and has been an outdoor youth mentor with Project DARE and Outward Bound. We get into the positive benefit breath work has for our mental health and Steve shares his story into healing an inflammatory condition through nothing but his breath and the will to say the words, “I am not sick”. Steve believes, as do I, that Our breath is the link between our mind and our body. Steve has studied many different breath work modalities over the years; from ancient shamanic practices of India to the more modern practices like Wim Hof. What was once grounded in mysticism is now understood by science and more and more people are turning to breath work as a tool to know thy self, expand consciousness, and heal body, soul, and spirit. Steve teaches breath work to individuals and groups as a way to boost physical performance, find their mental edge, and achieve a deep state of meditation. Steve teaches us that breath awareness is the first step towards total body awareness and healing.

Head over to and use the code ‘rewild‘ to receive 25% off all products and services. Please check out the Stoic Breath. It is a masterpiece and gem if you have been doing breath work for a while and want something new and powerful, or if you are new to breath work and want an experienced guide, the Stoic Breath and Breathing In Nature programs are truly an amazing educational and immersive experience.

Sit back take a deep mindful breath as we discuss breathing in nature. Enjoy the show!

Topics Discussed:
Project DARE; Outward Bound; Ontario camping – car camping, portaging; Stop Highway 413; Connecting with self and nature through breath work – Steve’s journey into breath work; Finding your blockage in breath work; What is stoicism?; Breath work and stretching sore muscles; Processing trauma and moving energy so it doesn’t get stuck and cause illness; Some of the science supporting health benefits of breath work exercises; Brain waves and Flow State; The history and different modalities of breath work; How and Why Steve created The Stoic Breath; Shadow work and breath work; Breathing with the rhythm of the Earth, The Schuman Resonance; Steve’s practical tips for breathing when under stress; What is Steve’s wildest dream for the Earth?

Use the code ‘rewild‘ to receive 25% off all products and services at
Project DARE
Outward Bound 
Provincial Parks of Ontario
Petition to Stop Highway 413 

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