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Ep. 23 Changing Perspectives on Climate Change Adaptation w/ Dr. Brennan Vogel PhD and Dr. Richard Vuksinic ND | ReWildMyBio

My guest this week is the wild and wonderful Dr. Brennan Vogel. Brennan is a professor in the centre for environment and sustainability at Western University. His research focus is in the area of Climate Change Adaptation. In this episode we discuss a recent paper Brennan published titled, “Institutions, Indigenous Peoples, and Climate Change Adaptation in the Canadian Arctic” published in GeoJournal. It is a launching point for our discussion and opens the door to a philosophical conversation on how to proceed out of economic lockdown and into a world where voices and perspectives of marginalized people have a platform and means to make policy change through grassroots movements. Movements that end systemic oppression and environmental destruction. A timely episode recorded for World Environment Day which was June 5th, I decided to postpone the release of this episode as an act of solidarity with Black Lives Matter and to honour Blackout Tuesday. This episode was recorded before the murder of George Floyd. I believe it is timely because of the focus on how language shapes the world around us and how when it comes to climate change and living with the cycles of nature, an indigenous world view and the Inuit principles we discuss offer solutions to mitigate human made greenhouse gasses as well as adapt to climate change in a way that traditional patriarchal structures and systems have been reluctant to incorporate… well until now perhaps.

Topics Discussed:
Brennan’s interest in environmental issues; Brennan’s professional research in climate change adaptation; Philosophy of adapting to climate change as opposed to mitigating; The idea of carbon taxes; incentivizing change rather than penalizing change; Shutting down the economy to fundamentally change the resources we use to create energy; The indigenous worldview of climate change for the Inuit people; Purpose of Brennan’s recent publication; Indigenous groups are leading the way with grassroots changes for the environment across Canada; Group discussion on acknowledging privilege; The economic shut down data on environmental impact; Concluding questions.

Show Resources:

Vogel, B., & Bullock, R. C. L. (2020). Institutions, indigenous peoples, and climate change adaptation in the Canadian Arctic. GeoJournal.
CBC Article on Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction During COVID-19 Economic Shutdown:

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