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Ep. #2 – ReWild Your Vision for 2020 w/ Colin Jackson | ReWildMyBio

Today’s guest is the wild and wonderful Colin Jackson. Colin is the Co-Owner of BPM Fitness in London Ontario Canada and a long time friend and colleague of mine. Colin and I share a very holistic approach to fitness and health and I admire Colin’s connection to the natural and supernatural world. Colins philosophy is a truly wild perspective when it comes to what we are used to seeing in the fitness industry, especially during New Years resolution season. You won’t sense the same energy you’re used to experiencing in your standard gym at BPM’s new facility, and today we talk to Colin about his journey into fitness, and owning a gym that sometimes smells of palo santo and sage burning. We then discuss our goal setting practices around the Winter Solstice and New Year and Colin shares the process of surrendering to the path while keeping his vision a part of his daily practice.

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Topics Discussed:

We discuss Colins journey into fitness; we talk about ways to get centred and get quiet to come up with values and goals around the Winter Solstice and new year such as, journalling, ceremony, prayer, visioning, and meditation.  We also talk about the importance of community and recognizing all the goals we have accomplished. We talk about determining your beliefs and values and why you want to achieve these goals before you set them, and how to set goals from a heart centred place rather than letting the wounded ego call the shots.  We talked about not attaching yourself to the outcome of the goals that you set. 

Show Resources: Stretch Health Canada, Dynamic Thought

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