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Ep. #1.2 What is Rewilding? W/ Shawn Slade | ReWildMyBio

What does rewilding mean? Is it even possible to Rewild? One thing for sure is that there is no one way to rewild. Join me in the second part of the first episode as I lay down more of the ground work for the show and try to explain how I see rewilding as spectrum that we are all on, in our own way, when we connect with nature. In this episode I invite you to mindfully connect with nature or “rewild” for health and becoming the best you possible.

I also discuss how this show is a self help and alternative health podcast through a rewilding lens and I also reiterate that the show is not a place for dogmatic beliefs or a part of any ‘ism’. I give my definition of rewilding that spawns from the biophilia hypothesis and can be seen as a tool to help us reconnect with the wild parts of our body and soul for health and happiness. I discuss everything from a utopia for rewilders to the use of modern day health technologies that mimic nature (you know biohacking). We are living in wild times, and Mother Earth needs us to rewild our biology, and redefine our biography… Now!

Topics discussed: Intro: reiterate points on rewilding and capitalism, paradox of rewilding; environmental rewilding definition, George Monbiot’s rewilding as a tool for Environmentalist, Shawn’s knowledge (or lack there of) on science and perspectives of climate change; Shawn presents human rewilding definition from and wikipedia and breaks them down assumptions and questions; Shawn’s definition of rewilding spawned from biophilia hypothesis and seen as a tool for good healing, words on rewilding of the mind/soul; What is domestication? What is Wild? A rewilder’s Utopica and modern day technology; Finding our wild edge; rewilding social institutions; Rewilding as a spectrum, look at spectrum for nutrition, hydration, breathing, moving, sleeping, thinking, feeling and interacting with others; life hack or rewildinng practice? What is a modern day rewilder? Using modern health technologies that mimic nature; What is biohacking? Is Rewilding the new healthist trend? Intersection of rewilding and biohacking; My experience with biohacking; paradox of biohacking school of thought; Shawn examines a few similarities and differences between biohacking and rewilding; human body is the most amazing technology and communication tool; Shawn’s definition of wild hacking distinguishes between unnatural aspects of biohacking and biohacking culture; Shawn’s hope for returning to a wild soul and help the Earth

Resources:, Article: A Manifesto For Rewilding the World, Book: Feral: Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding by George Monbiot, Pub Med Article on Evolutionary Medicine

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