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Ep. 13 Where Fear and Awesomeness Intersect w/ Dr. Kresimir Jug | ReWildMyBio

My guest this week is the wild and wonderful Dr. Kresimir Jug. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic and the host of the Make Your Monday Awesome podcast. In this episode we discuss how through acknowledging fear and taking responsibility for emotions and actions we have everything we need to be awesome. No really, life becomes awe inspiring when we can know what we value and pursue that in a way that is good for ourselves and benefits the community we are a part of… no matter how scary the path may be. We have an honest discussion around honesty and masculinity, accepting what is present to transmute fear into something beneficial, so that we do not one day wake up in a life that was constructed through fearful thoughts and reactions. Paradox is one of the few constants in life and in this episode we breakdown the paradox of where awesome and fear intersect. Enjoy the show!

Topics Discussed:

Kresimir’s personal health journey and his professional background in chiropractic; The idea that our bodies are strong and need to heal; How Kresimir reacted to a cancer diagnosis as a teenager; Acknowledging being afraid, seeking clarity and creating certainty; Story about being OK with being uncomfortable and accepting what is; Difficulties with projecting and taking things personally; Acknowledging and working with fear is a practice, not something one arrives at; Being honest on social media; Kresimir and Shawn on honesty, telling the truth, and keeping things close to the heart; Taking a count of what is present as a means of overcoming and transmuting fear; Taking responsibility of life to overcome chronic fear; Letting go and experiencing a mini ego death during Shawn‘s vision quest; Learning how to experience peace and that it’s possible;  “It’s gonna be OK”, holding space rather than false reassurance during uncertainty; Discussing pillars of health; All about defining values first to determine if health is even a goal for you; Spend most your time pursuing things you value; Don’t try to go do something because you think you have to; Waking up to a life that’s not yours; A healthy view on money, and individuation; Make Monday Awesome podcast; Trading security for freedom; Taking individual responsibility to benefit the community and the collective; Poet humanism, respecting the uniqueness of the individual is Kresimir‘s wildest dream for the Earth.<

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