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RMB Meditation #1: Become the Mountain | ReWildMyBio

This is a special installment for the Rewild My Bio Podcast because it is not like our regular episodes. This is the first of many meditations prerecorded live in the studio to help you remain balanced and centered throughout your day. Please download and save this episode in your podcast platform of choice to come back to it as you need it. If you want to receive a copy of this meditation in MP3 format then please sign up for the newsletter at

This guided meditation is a 25 minute seated practice to help you ground yourself in the Earth element by embodying the mountain archetype. Mountain meditations can help us ground ourselves and access inner strength and stability when we are faced with stressful and difficult circumstances. By becoming the mountain we are more able to witness the events in our life with non-judgmental awareness rather than being reactive to our experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Unmoving peace, centeredness, stoicism, and eternal beauty are some core qualities this meditation explores. Through creating and visualizing a mountain and merging with that mountain this meditation allows us to witness the storms in our life as the mountain witnesses the changing of the seasons and weather; with unmoving peace, strength, and knowing that all things in nature change.

All meditations begin with mindful attention to the breath, body scan and release of tension, and an acknowledgment of the elements of air, fire, water, earth, and ether. There is time for silence throughout and at the end of the meditation.