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Ep. 33 Starving the Beast: And Other Outlawed Health Topics in 2020 | ReWildMyBio

My guest is the wild and wonderful Zach McCready one of the original outlaws of health. You can find Zach at King of Swords on his blog and sign up for his newsletter to keep up with Zach’s upcoming book and all things Humble Warrior Clothing. An amazing company that you can support if you are looking to help those less fortunate this holiday season.  Head over to the show notes at for more info on how to support this worthy initiative in London Ontario Canada. In this episode, We discuss what has changed in the world of outlawed health topics since Zach and I last podcasted together years ago. We also dive into how corporate interests often trump democracy and community level grassroots movements by dissecting the rise of the cannabis industry.  We discuss the role the Chinese Communist Party has played in the current pandemic and how something does not sit right with the whole Bat Soup narrative we are spoon-fed… pun intended! Whether you have been dissecting and digesting pandemic information with a scientific lens or you are listening to and following your gut, all signs point to corruption, greed, and pure evil pulling the strings in government, media, academia, and within institutions like the WHO and the CDC. That is of course if you are privy to the idea that capitalism and democracy are dead and the pandemic has been in a sense planned as a means to usher in tighter government control in the Western world. Sit back roll up a spliff and take a red pill of hard truths as you listen to this timely and important episode. But don’t worry this is far from a doom and gloom podcast, my guest comes equipped with resources galore and practical tips to help you rely less on big brother and at the same time starve the beast and make strong, free, and healthy local communities. Please check out the show notes for tons of resources to fill you in on some of the back stories of this alternative narrative that is being censored out of existence on the internet… but act fast before this podcast gets “fact checked” and erased by Dr. Evil… I mean Bill Gates minions. Enjoy the show!

Topics Discussed:

Zach and Shawn discuss podcast they co-hosted together in the past and Outlawed health topics today; how Zach became involved in health activism and GMO‘s; Zach’s book king of swords unleashing sacred masculinity; top down approach and false leaders versus grassroots movements; The woke left and modern day authoritarian policies through academia and science; The theory of 2020; The shadow war going on in the model citizen of health in 2020; how corporations influence laws; how the main stream narrative focusses on turning people against one another; how to starve the beast, embrace minimalism find contentment with owning less things; Invest charities and not for profits that you agree with; pay less taxes and buy local; grow your own food; Humble Warrior Clothing and donating to homeless; Buying second hand clothes; The great reset and the great awakening; Finding someone who knows how to grow food and hunt; Zach’s wildest dream for the Earth is one that we stay open to new stories and myths.


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