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Ep. 11 – The Call of the Earth – COVID-19 Update March 17 | ReWildMyBio

This episode is in addition to our regular weekly episode where I dive into what I currently know about COVID-19 provide some food for thought regarding possible causes of this virus (EMF pollution and overpopulation) and the need for us to hear the call from mother Earth and reconnect with her for good health and healing. I share science on how nature connection practices can help boost our immune systems. I do my best to speak without censorship while still calling attention to the fact that we as a species need to learn from this. We need to come together and use this opportunity to set out on a new path as a species… one that is reconnected with the living Earth. Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay wild out there my friends!

Topics Discussed:

How I censored myself; Shawn’s life purpose; The scientific landscape leading up to this is part of problem; We need to think for ourselves what is true in these times; Shawn tries to make people smile in the longest grocery store line ever; Mullin leaf as toilet paper; Is the coronavirus fake news?; We all need a kick in the ass now and then; What exactly is a virus?;  The history of electrification and disease in humans; Are we supposed to live in cities with 3200 people per square mile? Are we going to rise up to the call of the Earth?; My background in international relations and the theory of 2020; Digesting knowledge from science and then sitting on it and meditating to be able to quiet the noise and think for our self what is true; Possibility of martial law and freedom;


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EMF Pollution Video
Coronavirus is Grab a Tree and Hold On
Book: The Next 100 Years by George Friedman

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