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Ep. 35 The Year of the Mirror: Owning a “Nonessential” Small Business in 2020, Cultural Identity and the Illusion of Separation w/ Colin Jackson | ReWildMyBio

Today my wild and wonderful guest is Colin Jackson. If you are looking for an online health coach to kickstart your 2021 or you want to join Colin’s weekly online breathing classes please contact him directly. In his return to the podcast, Colin (Instagram @colindjacks) shares his 2020 journey and discusses what it was like expanding his fitness facility in early 2020, then being locked down and deemed nonessential, and evolving his business into the online world. If you or someone you know had to say goodbye to something you loved in 2020 this episode is definitely worth a listen. My guest shares how having a solid footing in his connection with God/Creator, tools like psilocybin mushrooms, and access to some remote backcountry wilderness afforded Colin the ability to face his fears, surrender, and accept some hard truths in 2020. In the process, he was able to get more clear on what he is and that he is much bigger than Colin the health coach, husband, and entrepreneur. We also discuss Colin’s spiritual practices and cultural background as both Cree First Nation and as a “White” man of European descent, and how that has lead Colin to gain a deeper and nuanced understanding of the illusion of separation that is highly palpable as we start 2021. His story may be helpful for those that see themselves as victims of top-down policy that impinge on basic rights and freedoms using the reclaiming of indigenous lands as a case for conversation. We finish the episode with Colin’s dream for the Earth which is one focused on harmony. Enjoy the show!

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Colin’s goals as a fitness facility for 2020; Downfalls of tying one’s identity with occupation; Shawn and Colin’s experience silencing the ego and finding your deeper meaning through letting go; minding your own business; Switching from brick and mortar to online health coaching; Backcountry wilderness and a heroic dose of psilocybin; Surrender and letting go of resistance as the mechanism within psychedelic therapy for mental health; Remembering your a more than XYZ and processing emotions so peace and love are guiding star; Colin’s life experience as both an indigenous and white man and how that has impacted his spiritual practices; Fear is the cause of doing things that; Shawn and Colin’s spiritual spectrum; Colin’s childhood growing up as Cree smudging and doing sweat lodges, finding Christianity, and how he experiences God today; The illusion of separation; The concept of land ownership vs. stewardship; Colin’s wildest dream for the Earth is one of harmony; How to find Colin.

Research Paper: The potential synergistic affects between psychedelic administration in nature contact for the improvement of mental health.
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